Like any other activity, the design of buildings and structures can be segmented into stages, there are a fairly large number of them, but there are three main ones.

  • Professional work on the creation of technical specifications for the project. At this stage, our employees conduct a series of events during which they discuss various nuances with the customer, identify wishes and create the most complete representation of the upcoming design work.
  • Outline design. At this stage, all the measurements necessary for further work are carried out, our experts conduct a survey of the territory on which the construction is supposed to be carried out, and the location. Some tasks of an object-design nature are being solved, the customer is invited to consider several project sketches made by our professionals. Before the construction of buildings and structures, most often not only paper design documentation is developed, at this stage a computer model is often created, for more clarity and ease of perception. Due to the visibility, our customers can easily propose to make certain adjustments to the project already at this stage.
  • A fully working version of the project is being developed. All documentation necessary for the construction is fully issued, it will certainly be consistent with all kinds of authorities if necessary. A professionally prepared project of a future building or structure provides us with the opportunity to begin construction of the building immediately, immediately after agreeing on all the subtleties with the customer. Design and construction are inextricably linked, the buildings are erected clearly in accordance with the documentation.