Sandwich panel buildings are being constructed using the following technology:

It is necessary to prepare in advance a concrete foundation of shallow laying. First, a metal frame is installed on the foundation. The entire construction of the house from the sandwich panels is mounted on a metal frame. Then the walls and roof are assembled from sandwich panels.

Installation of the building is carried out according to a design project previously approved by the client, taking into account the used building materials and on a specific land plot. The ease of transportation and the light weight of the panels allow builders to build houses in a short time (from 5 to 30 days), regardless of the time of year and at the lowest cost .

Application Area

Today, lightweight metal structures have a wide range of applications, BBK technology (fast-mounted bolted structures) involves the erection of buildings for various purposes, the installation of which often does not require construction equipment and is carried out without “wet” processes:

  • Construction of warehouse complexes and warehouses
  • Construction of industrial buildings
  • Construction of shopping centers
  • Office building construction
  • Construction of hostels
  • Construction of prefabricated collapsible buildings

!!! Important: Our construction technologies allow you to approach each appeal individually, be flexible and can always offer an option for the budget of the Customer: from economy class (budget project) to luxury class.